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Why your dog’s adventures should be on aluminum metal prints 

    wall art collage of two pitbull mixed breed dogs enjoying a day at Post Falls Community Forest

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    I friggin’ love aluminum metal prints. 

    They caught my eye the first time I saw them and I knew they’d be the perfect way to showcase my work as an adventure dog photographer. 

    In my line of work, there are few more rewarding moments than creating that one epic shot, the moment where I see the pure power of a dog, the way a dog experiences the world. 

    Your dog might be posed on a rock overlooking the beautiful Palouse, bounding down a forested trail, sitting on the front of your kayak or swimming in a glacier lake of North Idaho. 

    These moments remind us of the joy our dogs bring to our lives and deserve a place of honor on the walls of our homes. 

    And aluminum metal prints are the way to go. 

    A bigass, kickass print of Timber at Farragut State Park

    A modern way to showcase your adventures with your dog 

    I don’t hate canvas. I’ve had plenty of clients request their artwork on this classic format. 

    I do kinda hate traditional paper. Typically framed and hidden behind a sheet of glass, paper to me is dull and uninspired. 

    Aluminum metal prints are the thing for me, the best way I can think to print your adventure dog portraits. Dyes are infused directly onto specially coated aluminum sheets, creating a vibrant, long-lasting image that appears to float off the wall.  

    The print is striking and durable … it can even take a slight bang or two when you’re mounting it on the wall, but that might be personal experience with my own prints of Bella. I don’t recommend intentionally trying it. 

    living room with Big White Dog Photography panorama of dog
    Panorama of Annika at Dishman Hills’ Eagle Peak

    Let’s dig into the benefits of aluminum prints: 

    1. Vibrant colors 

    The dye-sublimation process ensures the colors on your print are rich and lifelike. The blues seem bluer and the greens greener. 

    2. High definition 

    Aluminum metal prints are great for showing off detail in high definition. Like the fine strands of your dog’s fur, or every droplet of water in a shake photo. You’ll see stunning detail … pair that with the unreal ability of my Nikon Z9 to get that detail in camera and wabang! We’re talking some serious high def. 

    3. Longevity 

    Aluminum prints are resistant to water, scratches and fading, which means they withstand the test of time even in challenging environments. You certainly don’t have to worry about the increasing number of humid days in the Inland Northwest warping your print … ain’t gonna happen with metal. 

    4. Versatility and customization 

    Aluminum prints come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I do lean toward traditional shapes – the way I shoot doesn’t always work for round prints. Just make sure to ask me about doing a panorama on your dog’s adventure session and we’ll be best friends.  

    5. Mounting and display options 

    I make sure your print has the sturdiest option for hanging your metal print on the wall. The gallery hanging mounts I typically choose lift your print right off the wall, immediately engaging your friends and family when they walk into the room. Float frames or standout frames are another cool way to display the photos from your dog’s outdoor adventures. 

    6. Sleek and modern aesthetic 

    Much like canvas prints, aluminum prints can complement any décor. The thin profile and frameless design present a clean, contemporary look that allows your prints to take center stage in any room of your home. 

    wall art collection of a yellow Lab on adventure at Islands Trailhead in Spokane Valley
    Oakley’s adventure at Islands Trailhead in Spokane Valley

    Where to hang your metal prints 

    The lab where I have my metals printed from your dog’s adventure session offers three finishes: high gloss, semigloss and matte. 

    It is crucial to consider the lighting conditions and the type of ambience you want to create in each room where you might hang your prints. 

    Here’s how the different finishes shake out: 

    High gloss: These prints are highly reflective with vibrant colors and sharp details. They are ideal for areas with controlled lighting where reflections can be minimized. Think no direct glare from the sun or no lighting directly over your print. Living rooms, rec rooms, home offices, hallways and staircases might be your best bet. 

    Glossy metal print

    Semigloss: Reflections are less likely with a semigloss finish, so these prints can be placed in areas with more intense lighting. They provide a nice balance between vibrancy and a relaxing atmosphere. They might hang well in bedrooms, dining rooms or kitchens. 

    Matte: A matte metal print – one of which I have of Bella hanging in my living room where the sun blasts in every evening – are non-reflective, although the colors and details tend to be more muted than with the other two finishes. Matte prints go well in rooms with a lot of light or large windows, like sunrooms, sun-facing living rooms or bathrooms. 

    Matte metal print

    Another factor to consider with your metal print’s finish is cleaning. High gloss finishes can show off fingerprints, smudges and dust more easily, requiring regular cleaning (gentle wipes with a clean dust cloth, please!).  

    Matte finishes, on the other hand, are far more forgiving.  

    How to get metal prints of your dog’s adventures 

    Book me.  

    Like right now. 

    Ha, in all seriousness, there is no trick. It’s as easy as booking an Adventure Day session with me. (And don’t forget, gals, the Our Great Escape session for Into the Wild comes with a 24×16 metal print of you and your dog on adventure together and raises money for the Companions Animal Center in Hayden, Idaho). 

    After your session, we get together to go through all of the best images from your dog’s photo shoot and you pick your favorites. Then we select the size and finish that best suits your space and style. 

    I’ll guide you through the customization options to ensure your prints are exactly how you envision them. 

    To make it even more enticing, if you order three or more prints of any size, you get a 20% discount off your order. I do that to provide the best value while ensuring you get the highest quality prints to display your dog’s adventures. 

    two metal prints of a beautiful woman and her dog at Hauser Lake
    Deanna and Dante at Hauser Lake

    Transform your dog’s photos 

    I smile with glee whenever a client orders a big-ass metal print of one of the kickass photos from their session. 

    I get downright giddy when they want to create a collage of the work I’ve done for them.  

    The vibrant colors, sharp details and durability make them a fabulous way to preserve and display the memories of our session together – and the incredible relationship you’ve found with your dog. 

    You know that feeling … the one where you love your dog that damn much. 

    beautiful red-haired woman sits with her dog at Riverside State Park in Spokane

    Into the Wild

    Into the Wild tells the love story you’re creating with your dog. Every session will be compiled into a stunning storybook. The project is also a fundraiser for the Companions Animal Center in Hayden, Idaho.


    Dogs. Adventure. Outdoors. These words set Angela's heart afire. Angela Schneider, an award-winning writer and dog photographer, documents the story of you and your dog and the adventures you take together. Your portraits will be a statement piece in your home, art that will make your friends and family beg to hear its story.

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