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Step 3: How to turn your dog photos into amazing home decor

    framed prints of a dog hiking at Dishman Hills

    The wait can be agonizing.

    Just one little peek at the dog photos from our portrait session, pleeeeeaaaase?

    If that’s the thought crossing your mind, we’re all wrapped up with an adventure into dog photography in North Idaho or Spokane.

    Oh, I know how excited you are to see what we made during your dog photography session. Trust me, I could not wait until I saw the final images my friend Colin Mulvaney created of me and Bella for our pages in the Paws of the Panhandle. I was dying with impatience.

    I mean, I’m not always the most patient person in the world, so I get it.

    This is the third in a four-part series, filling you in on the process of creating a unique portrait of you and your dogs in Spokane and North Idaho.

    Here’s how it all works:

    Step 1: How to get a unique portrait of your dogs in Spokane and North Idaho

    Step 2: How to make the most of your dog photography session

    Step 3: How to turn your dog photos into amazing home decor

    Step 4: How to decorate your home with art of your dog

    Let’s see how we make the magic from your dog photography session come to life.

    After the session

    While you wait, I’m painstakingly looking at each and every one of the images that came out of my camera during your session.

    The culling process involves deleting images with missed focus, blinked eyes, awkward poses … you know, all the ones you shouldn’t really want or need to see. I’m keeping a keen eye out for the epic one that I think will make that one-of-a-kind portrait that stops your friends and family in their tracks when they come over to visit.

    a gallery of dog photos in Adobe Bridge
    Not every shot is perfect!

    I’m also looking for the in-between shots, some detail bits about your dog, your pooch at play and that sweet Magic Moment where I see what it means for you to be completely, unapologetically in love with your dog.

    I will edit between 10 and 15 images to full effect and turn them into a fun slideshow for you to enjoy when we sit down at a coffee shop or taphouse for our next meeting … your ordering session.

    We’ll sit down with a cuppa or a glassa and my Chromebook. You will go through a similar culling process of your gallery of at least 20 images. You will assign stars to each image, ranging from 1 star (meh) to 5 stars (OMG, I can’t live without this).

    That gives us the foundation to move forward and figure out what we’ll do next, bearing in mind we’ve had ideas from the get-go of how you want to turn your dog photos into art for your home.

    Turning your dog photos into home decor

    I’m a big believer in printing your dog photos … big and on gorgeous aluminum metal that makes your print pop off the wall. I also beautiful, bright canvases if you’re into a more classic look.

    I call them Statement Pieces. They say something. With one image, we can tell the story of the epic adventure you and your fur baby took during your dog photography session.

    living room Statement piece of a border collie

    We can also create a cluster of Statements because one of the most common things I hear people say during an ordering session is “but how do I choose just one?!?!?”

    cluster of Statement pieces of adventure session with a heeler
    Cat and Newt’s Adventure Day session

    If I’ve done my job well, yours will be difficult.

    I am, of course, conscious of space. More and more people today are choosing a minimalist lifestyle, or they’re living in homes with more windows to let all the light in.

    It can mean wall space is limited.

    You can opt for one of my Anthology pieces and it really encapsulates the time we spent together creating amazing dog photos.

    The Storybook is a beautifully designed photo album.

    Jamie reads her photo album of beagles' dog photos
    Jamie and Buddy

    And the Storyblock — my favorite thing in forever — includes 10 or 20 mounted 8×10 prints on a gorgeous wooden block. It sits on a shelf or side table perfectly, and you can switch out the front-facing image every day if you like.

    Storyblock of rescue dog's session
    Griffey’s Storyblock

    Smaller prints, including curved metals, are available as add-ons, or — in keeping with my whole storytelling shtick — Footnotes.

    The bottom line

    Many of my clients are spending in the range of $1,500 to $2,000, because they don’t want to leave a single image unused.

    They’re picking a single print for their living room and adding on the Storyblock — a perfect combination, if you ask me!

    Now, a lot of people might say “but I just want the digitals” and that’s OK, too. I do have digital packages available. A single digital image is priced at $250 or you can get them in multiple packs with five at $1,000, 10 at $1,500 or $20 for $2,000.

    But here’s the thing … when you purchase a piece of wall art, a Storybook or a Storyblock, you receive the matching digital file of each image you select.

     It’s a win-win! You’re getting beautiful art printed by professional labs (trust me, Walmart and Walgreens suck) and the ability to:

    • Reprint the image up to 8×10 in unlimited quantities
    • Use it for your Christmas cards
    • Share on your Instagram and Facebook feeds
    • Show it off on your desktop background or mobile wallpaper

    The wall art is key, though. The Statement piece lets you bring the adventure home and hang it in on a prominent place.

    Every day, you’ll be reminded of that epic adventure you had with your dog and you’ll smile.

    I guarantee it.

    If you’re ready to get started on creating unique art for your home with dog photos, call or text me at (509) 720-8784 or drop me a note right here:

    All around the circle

    Next week, we’ll dig into what to do with your art after I’ve delivered it to you … where you might want to place it in your home and how to care for it.

    Now it’s time to jump into the worldwide pet photographers blog circle to see how my friends transform their client work into amazing art pieces. I suspect I’m going to get some new ideas for you!

    Let’s head to the center of the universe to visit Terri from Terri J Photography in Toronto, discussing how to make memories from the photos taken at your dog photography session.

    At the end of her blog post, click the link to the next one and do that on every post until you find yourself back in Spokane, turning your adventure dog photos into brilliant, bold art.

    That’s when you know you’re home.

    Right where you belong.


    Dogs. Adventure. Outdoors. These words set Angela's heart afire. Angela Schneider, an award-winning writer and dog photographer, documents the story of you and your dog and the adventures you take together. Your portraits will be a statement piece in your home, art that will make your friends and family beg to hear its story.

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