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a photography project dedicated to dogs and the women who love them

our love stories

Our dogs are more than a part of our families. They’re a part of us.

We’ve been together through thick and thin, good times and bad, heartache and loss. Every time we fall, our dogs are there to help us pick up the pieces and step forward into our new lives.

They accept the change without a single word. They just know we need them.

Be part of a project that immortalizes in a collector’s edition photobook the way your dog has helped you find your true path and supported you through everything.

The details

Inspired by the lessons she has learned from Shep and Bella, dog photographer Angela Schneider seeks to celebrate the profound relationship women have with their dogs.

An award-winning photographer and writer, Angela is seeking dogs and their women or female-presenting guardians to tell their stories of their adventures together.

Tails of Adventure Dogs and the Women Who Love Them is Angela’s third self-published book. The first two books, Paws of the Panhandle and Paws of the Inland Northwest, raised $5,000 for the Better Together Animal Alliance in Sandpoint and $5,000 for the Spokane Humane Society, respectively.

Now it’s your turn to have your story immortalized in a book full of stunning full-color imagery.

Apply to participate below. Angela will contact you by email within 24-48 hours of receiving your email to set up a consultation appointment.

Pick your session

Into the Wild is a celebration of our strength, our fierceness, our sisterhood and, of course, our dogs. The basic session allows you to customize the way you want to use the images from your gallery. Or you can choose to just be in the book. The Fierce and Femme and the Our Great Escape sessions are designed to get you all in, worry-free. Every session includes time spent in plain clothes so you have lots of options for your artwork. Bring the partner for family photos!

Into the Wild


  • One session of unlimited time anywhere in Eastern Washington or North Idaho
  • Travel fees may apply to outside those areas (see below)
  • Wear your own dress or choose from my closet of small, medium and one-size-fits-all gowns 
  • Order custom artwork and a copy of the book later

Fierce and Femme


  • One (1) copy of the Tails of Adventure Dogs book 
  • One session of unlimited time anywhere in Eastern Washington or North Idaho
  • Travel fees may apply to outside those areas (see below)
  • Wear your own dress or choose from my closet of small, medium and one-size-fits-all gowns

Our Great Escape


  • One (1) 24×16 metal print of your favorite image
  • One (1) copy of the Tails of Adventure Dogs book 
  • One session of unlimited time anywhere in Eastern Washington or North Idaho
  • Travel fees may apply to outside those areas (see below)
  • Wear your own dress or choose from my closet of small, medium and one-size-fits-all gowns

a fundraising project for the Companions Animal Center

Companions Animal Center in Hayden, Idaho, is an independent nonprofit that relies solely on community donations. Their vision is to create lifetime friends through adoption while providing quality humane care, rehabilitation, adoption and education for the good of animals and their companions in our community.

Claim your spot!

Our dogs have many lessons to teach us … about our strength, our resilience. They have given us the gift of companionship and support, empowering us to feel more confident, more powerful on every step of our journey.

 This is no ordinary portrait session. We will go somewhere epic, rugged and beautiful and create stunning imagery of your dog and you in a beautiful dress, artwork that expresses the unique and elegant bond you share. 

These sessions are tailored to highlight your love and the way your dog has guided you on this wild journey called life. Fill out the form below and Angela will get back to you by email within 24-48 hours.

Please note: If you’d like to schedule your session at a location outside Eastern Washington or North Idaho, travel fees may apply. Should more than two women book Our Great Escape sessions in your general location, we can schedule accordingly and travel fees will be waived.  

Being a part of this project made me reflect on Sam and her impact on my life. Having her constant presence in my life made me take her and the lessons that she’s taught me for granted. But taking these photos with Angela at Plantes Ferry, telling funny stories about her, talking about how we met and seeing the love in her eyes, made me think about all the ways she’s enriched my life and has made me a better person.
a black and white speckled pit bull mix licks her owner's face at Plantes Ferry in Spokane Valley


Turn your gallery into stunning art pieces

We work together throughout the Big White Dog experience to create images that bring the adventure home and turn into gorgeous Statement pieces and Anthologies. 

They’ll be the icebreaker for conversation when friends and family visit. One look and they’ll be full of questions about your adventure and you can regale them with your stories.

My clients typically spent between $1500 and $3000.

living room Statement piece of a border collie
living room with wall art from a portrait session with an adventure dog photographer


Say it out loud: “I love my dog.” Brilliant metal or classic canvas prints hang on the wall to bring your adventure home. Statement pieces start at $799.

Jamie and her beagle reading a photo album


Anthologies are a complete story of your session, encased in a beautiful photo album or a set of 10 or 20 mounted prints. Anthologies start at $1250.

a woman in a beautiful dress looks down at her dog while standing on the banks of the Spokane River

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you even with this winter and the atmospheric rivers and the rain, rain, rain? Gah! If you aren’t afraid, I’m not afraid. Neither is my gear. However, if the forecast looks particularly blech, we can reschedule.
Bring your own dress if you have one you love or choose from my collection of skirts and dresses that fit all sizes. I have this one particularly slinky white thing in small that … well … EEK! We’ll also do some shooting in your everyday wear. We can talk about that during our scheduling call.

These sessions are dedicated to that one dog that you believe has changed your life, the dog you love more than any human you’ve come across in your life. I’m not going to say “no” to two. It  may complicate things a bit for poses and time but I say “the more, the merrier.”

Yeeeeeeah, that’s kinda the whole point.

I would love to give all the money to the Companions Animal Center and the work they do. I do have to keep enough to cover the costs involved in offering these sessions … and a little to keep Bella fed. 
No prints or digital files are included with your session fee. You may, however, purchase copies of your images in wall art, a Storybox or Storybook. All purchases are accompanied by watermarked digital files that are ready for you to post on your social media accounts.
A copy of the book is not included in the Into the Wild session; however, it is included in the Fierce and Femme and the Our Great Escape sessions. Additional copies of the book will be available for purchase at about $80, depending on production costs.
Shit, I haven’t thought about that yet. That’s kind of a big deal, isn’t it? We might have to figure that one out as the project progresses.
If 40 or more women register as hoped, this becomes a mammoth project, especially if long road trips are required (as hoped). The entire project then could take the entire year to complete with Tails of Adventure Dogs due for release in Spring 2025. I will keep everyone who registers updated via email. 
Angela Schneider of Big White Dog Photography acknowledges that the work she creates occurs on the traditional, ancestral and unceded homelands of the Indigenous tribes and First Nations of the Pacific Northwest who have cared for these spaces and places for thousands of years.