The art of adventure

Big White Dog Photography joins you and your best fur friend on your adventures in the great outdoors.

I find great joy in aiming my camera at the connection you have each other and putting it in print for all your friends and family to see.

Together, we create memories of your dog in his element — nature.

Based in Spokane Valley, I photograph you and your dog against the amazing landscapes of the Inland Northwest, from Spokane to North Idaho.

Sophie and Jamie

How it works

Step 1: Pick your session

Heeler and woman in Alberta

Adventure Day

Let’s go for hike. Let’s do the things you love to do with your dog. Pick your location within 100 miles of Spokane Valley and we’ll create a jawdropping portraits of you and your dog on adventure.


A session designed for the older or terminally ill dog or humans who want to stay closer to home, we’ll spend about an hour at a park or other location local to Spokane or Coeur d’Alene. 

Senior Lab

Step 2: Turn your images into home decor

Let’s turn their beautiful faces and wagging tails into art for your home. My clients have fallen in love with aluminum metal prints and gallery canvas wraps I’ve sourced from one of the leading photo labs in the United States. 

Lysbeth and Kipton wall art
Ava and the Goldies

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