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creating bold, timeless images of you and your dog doing dog things in Eastern Washington and North Idaho


Dogs change how we see the world. With our best friends by our side, we live more in the moment. Big White Dog Photography helps you turn those moments into magical memories.

North Idaho dog on adventure

Let's head for the hills

Adventures are made infinitely better by the company of our dogs.

Big White Dog Photography documents your journey together with bright, bold images. Adventure dog photographer Angela Schneider has a deep appreciation of the connection you have with your dog – because she has one, too.

The Big White Dog experience

Step 1

Read the guide

My inquiry guide is full of info on what to expect when you book a dog photography session.

Step 2

Start planning

Book a phone consultation so we can get down to the nitty gritty of all the details for your session.

Step 3

Enjoy the day

All the fun happens! We create incredible images of our adventure around Spokane or North Idaho.

Step 4

We create art

We pick your favorite images from your adventure and turn them into art pieces for your home.

Choose your adventure

Big White Dog Photography specializes in creating amazing experiences for you and your dog at gorgeous locations around Spokane, Washington, and North Idaho. We are surrounded by incredible scenery and landscapes that serve as the perfect backdrop for the adventures you share with your best fur friend. 

We can create fantastic memories at a local park or head into the mountains for a hike. It’s all up to how you want your story told!

Angela absolutely blew us away!! She is extremely talented, super nice and just wonderful to work with. She is a natural with animals and humans alike. Can't recommend her enough!
Mum of Cracker
Crackers family on the wall e1614021463631

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timeless images of dogs on epic adventures in the Inland Northwest