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The Inland Northwest's adventure dog photographer

Dogs change how we see the world. With our best fur friends by our side, we live more in the moment. Big White Dog Photography helps you turn the moments of your adventures throughout Spokane and North Idaho into epic portraits and magical memories.

Do you need a kickass adventure?

We can hit the trails, go paddleboarding or find an amazing view. 

Do you need one last adventure?

If that time has come, your session takes priority on my calendar.

Bring the adventure home

Adventures are made infinitely better with a dog next to us.

Big White Dog Photography documents your journey together with kickass images that leap off the walls of your home. I’m adventure dog photographer Angela Schneider and I have a deep appreciation for the connection you have with your dog.

Tell your story your way

Big White Dog Photography specializes in telling the amazing story of you and your dog doing dog things in the Inland Northwest. Together we create an incredible experience for you and your dog at a gorgeous location around Spokane, Washington, and North Idaho. We are surrounded by beautiful parks, scenery and landscapes that serve as the perfect backdrop for the adventures you share with your best fur friend. 

We turn your fantastic memories into incredible art, keepsakes and decor for your home. 

woman and dog on adventure dog photography session

Adventure Day Session

We can go for a walk in the park or a hike in the hills. An Adventure Day portrait session with Big White Dog Photography is an experience that’s custom-designed for you and your dog.

NOTE: I move mountains to change my schedule if your portrait session becomes urgent due to your dog’s health.

Your Journey Book

This is more than a photo album. It’s the story of your journey with your dog, a book crafted by award-winning storyteller, Angela Schneider, the Chief Memory Maker at Big White Dog Photography.

mockup pages of the journey book about your dog
Angela absolutely blew us away!! She is extremely talented, super nice and just wonderful to work with. She is a natural with animals and humans alike. Can't recommend her enough!
Mum of Cracker
crackers family on the wall e1614021463631

The Big White Dog Experience

Step 1

Cruise the site

Take a tour and get to know what I do, why I do it and how you get a one-of-a-kind portrait with your dog.

Step 2

Start planning

Book a phone consultation so we can get down to the nitty gritty of all the details for your session.

Step 3

Enjoy the adventure

All the fun happens! We create incredible images of our adventure around Spokane or North Idaho.

Step 4

We create art

We pick your favorite images from your adventure and turn them into art pieces for your home.

The story starts here:

Dogs doing dog things in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene

You and your dog are badasses.

Your adventures are epic.

The artwork in your home should be, too.

Yeah, you could go to the vintage market and pick up a piece of barnwood stenciled with “Live. Love. Bark.”

Then your bestie comes over for a glass of wine and says, “OMG, I have that, too.”

No. Just no. Oh my dog, no.

Let’s get you one-of-a-kind artwork of you and your dog on adventures together … and make your bestie’s jaw drop the next time she comes over.

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We're charging ahead and planning adventures with your dog while we await surgery on Bella's knee.