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Highlight reel: 5 dog photo sessions with the fun of bloopers

    heeler and woman on a hike in north idaho

    The in-between moments are why I rarely stop clicking.

    I don’t want to miss a thing during dog photo sessions. Not a single funny, goofy, sweet, loving moment between you and your dog.

    The in-between moments can give me those images that make you smile, laugh and maybe even get a little misty during your gallery reveal and print ordering session.

    They can even turn into the Magic Moment sometimes.

    Favorite bloopers from dog photo sessions

    Very few times do I leave dog photo sessions without a blooper or two.

    After all, we’re working with dogs here and one of the main reasons we have them in our lives is the joy they bring.

    Blinks, side-eyes and tongues out are sure to unleash an “aaaaaah, that’s my boy” from a dog mama. I can always hear her heart growing a teeny tiny bit, too, right in front of me.

    Here’s a few bloopers from recent dog photo sessions. I hope they bring a big ol’ smile to your face … and get your heart to grow a teeny tiny bit.

    1. Ollie

    This boxer puppy was a hoot. His dip into the Spokane River near the Islands Trailhead in Spokane Valley was his first time near water.

    He threw his face all the way in and started blowing bubbles. We all near collapsed in giggles.

    boxer puppy blowing bubbles in Spokane River
    Blowing bubbles in the river

    Oh, but Ollie is such a good boy. A few minutes later, he posed perfectly in the water. It’s like he even knew how to find the perfect light for me.

    boxer puppy posing during dog photo sessions at Spokane River
    Picture perfect posing in Spokane River

    2. Sage

    This little cocker spaniel puppy is all attitude. Sage, who appears in the Paws of the Panhandle with her older brother Tucker, made me think of those old “gotta get a Gund” commercials.

    I had an idea that when I locked my wide-angle lens onto D500 she would give me something wild. She was more than a bit curious about the treat in my hand.

    cocker spaniel puppy at McEuen Park in Coeur d'Alene
    Curious Sage

    But then another perfect pose, head tilt and all. Can you see that she’s full of guff?

    cocker spaniel puppy at McEuen Park in Coeur d'Alene
    Serious Sage

    3. Sami and Beth

    This has to be one of my favorite bloopers from recent dog photo sessions.

    We had Sami and Beth out for a hike on Gold Hill and we stopped for portraits when we got to the lookout.

    They sat sweetly next to a tree and gave me gold.

    woman and her heeler posing during adventure dog photo sessions
    Sami and Beth

    Then Sami decided she wanted some smooches from her mama.

    woman and dog take a break while hiking at Gold Hill in Sagle, Idaho
    Smooches and giggles

    4. The Heaths

    Oh, wait, but I love this one too. Augh … how do we get so attached to every single one of our clients from dog photo sessions? I’m so fortunate to have this job, meet the people I do, and gain their trust and friendship.

    The Heaths are a fun couple, whose one-eyed rescue dog from Mumbai won the cover photo contest for Paws of the Panhandle. You might recognize the name, too, since Shawn is the co-founder of Heath’s Haven, the rescue for which I volunteer as photographer of special needs dogs.

    They picked cover girl Comet and Dobby from their pack for their Paws of the Panhandle portrait session at Post Falls Community Forest.

    We hiked down to one of my favorite spots along the Spokane River. Getting Comet and Dobby to look at me was a bit of a challenge.

    couple tries to convince dogs to look at camera during dog photography session at Post Falls
    Look at the camera

    Then seconds later …

    couple with dogs pose for family photo session on Spokane River
    Comet’s still being a nerd

    5. Zoe and Regan

    Paws of the Panhandle gave me such an incredible opportunity to do dog photo sessions at places I’d been dying to do them! I’ve certainly scouted more than a handful of epic locations in the Spokane and North Idaho areas.

    Finally, my goals could come to life and Farragut State Park in Athol, Idaho, was on the list.

    Zoe, a springer spaniel with a stern look but a joie de vivre, and regal Reagan, a stunning black Labrador retriever, wasted no time jumping into the water of chilly Lake Pend Oreille.

    I went in after them.

    We took a few minutes to dry off and then headed up to this lovely greenspace. It took some time to settle these two rambunctious girls down but then …

    two dogs at Farragut State Park in Idaho

    I loved this image so much that I turned into a metal print sample that is currently hanging with a few others on the wall at Bardic Brewing in Spokane Valley.

    Drop by and have one of their neat brews or ciders!

    All the smiles

    I’m not lying to you when I say most of my dog photo sessions are full of giggles, smiles and belly laughs.

    We. Have. Fun.

    I do my best to make the entire process a great experience for you but the sessions are where the rubber hits the road.

    I’ll always include bloopers in your gallery so I can get those little grins and giggles out of you during your viewing and print ordering session.


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    1. That last image is GOLD! I love Dad pointing at the camera. I have seen that many times. “Hey, look at that camera over there!” Great in-between moments.

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