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Magic Moment: The love I see between you and your dog

    man and puggle sharing a sweet moment

    As the Big White Dog pack grows, its humans are as diverse as the dogs who appear with them in front of my camera.

    You all have one thing in common: the love I see between you and your dog.

    Take Ryland for example.

    I met him and Wrangler two days after Valentine’s Day last year. He had just been reunited with the Great Pyrenees puppy that was lost to him three years prior.

    the magic moment between you and your dog

    This is what I call The Magic Moment, the second I see the love between you and your dog.

    It is inevitable that I see it during our time together, a dog photography session at a beautiful location somewhere in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene.

    The Magic Moment with you and your dog

    Sometimes, it happens naturally.

    woman hugs Bernese Mountain Dog with degenerative myelopathy
    Sweet hug

    Hilary was getting ready to say goodbye to Maggie, the Bernese Mountain Dog, who had degenerative myelopathy. It was a truly emotional session at Riverstone Park in Coeur d’Alene.

    (Maggie lived several more months and I got to see her and snuggle her several more times. Hilary emailed me in October to let me know Maggie was gone. I cried, oh how I cried.)

    Sometimes it takes a little prompt to see the connection between you and your dog.

    When I told Joshua to just cuddle with his boy, what followed was natural. Because the love in his heart was so big and so perfect.

    the love between you and your dog
    Saying goodbye

    In truth, Joshua was saying goodbye to Dexter. His pal, with whom he’d hiked many miles, had been diagnosed with something dire and Joshua and his partner Hamid were letting Dexter go that night, before the little one could suffer.

    And then there’s Lauren and Chloe.

    “Give your baby girl the biggest hug you’ve ever given her.”

    women hugs her dog
    It’s love


    Sometimes I wonder why it took me so long to get to this place where I’m creating these special memories for you and your dog.

    It fills my soul.

    Me and my dog

    And then there’s us.

    I’ve written — probably ad nauseum about Bella’s health issues in the last year or so. It was about this time last year that we learned her enzyme levels in her liver were out of whack.

    They kept going up and up and up, even with an ultrasound that cleared her of any lesions or malformations (ruling out cancer and Cushing’s disease).

    We had her in for a biopsy two weeks ago. Here she is in all her shaved belly glory:

    Maremma sheepdog at Saltese uplands
    See how unhappy she gets with me?

    The news came last Friday while I was learning new things about pet photography in a virtual conference with lots of super cool people (we’re all dog photographers … how can that not be cool?).

    Our vet called and her voice was full of joy. She was bubbling over because she was able to give us some good news.

    Bella. Is. Fine.

    The doc needs to go over her diagnosis with a specialist next week to confirm her findings but the worst of it is hepatic microvascular dysplasia. There were early indications of this in the ultrasound because Bella’s liver seemed a bit small.

    And the something somethings in her liver are therefore smaller than normal and the blood doesn’t travel as easily. I pretty much have my Google University Degree in hepatic pathologies and MVD now but translating it is another deal.

    Our Magic Moment – July 2019, Banff National Park – Photo by Cat House

    The doc called again while we were out hiking Wednesday at Saltese Uplands Conservation Area in Liberty Lake to let us know the copper tests came back as expected. Normal. No hepatitis.

    We may have to make slight adjustments to diet but otherwise there’s not much to do.

    Y’all, Bella is fine.

    Bella. Is. Fine.

    Most dogs with MVD live normal, healthy, happy lives.

    I slept for the first time in two weeks.

    All around the circle

    With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s no surprise the topic for this week’s pet photographers blog circle was love.

    I know we’re going to get a whole bunch of warm fuzzies by cruising the world this week.

    Let’s head to the Sunshine State where we find Linda Perdue of VPShoots Photography serving the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

    At the end of Linda’s post, click the link to the next post and see where we take you.

    When you find yourself back here to the love between you and your dog, you know you’re home.

    Right where you belong.

    And if you’re thinking about a spring session to get some of these special memories with you and your dog, reach out.

    Just hit this button, which takes you to my handy-dandy contact page, where you can get all my contact information or fill out an easy-peasy message form.


    Dogs. Adventure. Outdoors. These words set Angela's heart afire. Angela Schneider, an award-winning writer and dog photographer, documents the story of you and your dog and the adventures you take together. Your portraits will be a statement piece in your home, art that will make your friends and family beg to hear its story.

    12 thoughts on “Magic Moment: The love I see between you and your dog”

    1. I absolutely LOVE these connective images. Capturing this is so important. Preserving these memories for pet owners is one of the best services we provide.

    2. Those images! Every single one is beautiful and captures the relationship so well!
      Great news about Bella! I’ve never heard of MVD, not them I’m a vet, I just tend to find the dogs with all the health problems, so I’ve learned a lot through the experiences and of course Dr. Google. I’m so happy you have some answers AND good news.

    3. So happy to hear that Bella is doing good! Fantastic news!!! These images are beautiful, Angela. You did a wonderful job capturing the emotional bond with the pups.
      Give Bella a big hug for me!!!

    4. I am so happy to hear Bella is good. That’s so great to hear. I have to say that I sit here almost in tears as I read through your blog with these photos – so many people saying goodbye that it was wonderful to have a happy ending!

      1. Ah, Linda! That’s the most difficult part of this job, knowing that a lot of the best fur friends are nearing their end of days. It’s the most special part of this job, though, being trusted to tell their story.

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