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Ice cream: 1 easy recipe for a summer dog treat

    Bella hiking at Mineral Point in Sagle, Idaho

    Do you see that sweet girl up there? Don’t you think that face deserves a delicious summer dog treat?

    She’s been getting awfully neglected lately with me running off to North Idaho for Paws of the Panhandle sessions with other dogs.

    Bella was absolutely thrilled, though, to tag along for an Adventure Day session last Friday with Eena and Jolene, my good friend and co-founder of Heath’s Haven Rescue & Sanctuary.

    Eena is new to Jolene’s pack. She is going to go on many, many hiking and backpacking adventures. Look at this sweet face:

    an adventure dog and photography on mineral point trail in sagle, idaho
    Adventure girl on Mineral Point trail in Sagle, Idaho

    As of yesterday, 35 of 44 sessions for the Paws of the Panhandle book are complete. This morning, we are tackling another trail in North Idaho for the third of five Adventure Day sessions, sponsored by EzyDog.

    We should be all wrapped up shooting by June 26 and then I get to work on launching the cover photo contest and designing the book.

    And in August, I rest.

    Stir up a summer dog treat

    I knew I was going to have a busy week: a sunset session at McEuen Park in Coeur d’Alene on Tuesday and five more sessions in Sandpoint on Wednesday.

    Bella wasn’t going to get a lot of time from me.

    I tried to make her feel a little special by stirring up her favorite summer dog treat. And it’s so easy to make it’s almost stupid.

    We call it “ice cream.”

    Here’s the ingredient list:

    • A couple of mushy bananas
    • A large scoop of plain Greek yogurt
    • A large scoop of peanut butter
    bananas, yogurt and peanut butter are the ingredients for a simple summer dog treat
    Ingredients for a simple summer dog treat

    I don’t measure and, likely, this summer dog treat turns out different every time I make it. I doubt Bella cares.

    The directions are as stupid easy as the ingredients:

    Dump all three ingredients into a bowl, grab the potato masher and grind away.

    OK, well, that doesn’t exactly look all that appetizing, does it? Hahahaha.

    You should end up with a mixture that looks something like this:

    Taste-test it yourself:

    Unless someone is watching and knows what you’re up to:

    Her eyes say “this is some next-level bullshit.”

    Drop the mixture by the spoonful onto a baking sheet or something similar. I have a silicone mini muffin pan that works perfectly.

    And pop it into the freezer for a few hours.

    Next step for this simple summer dog treat is the cleanup. It’s as easy-peasy as the preparation.

    Once the mixture is set, it’s time to enjoy. The mini muffin pan makes the this summer dog treat the perfect size for putting into her Starmark super chewer treat ball.

    I can’t believe how quickly she popped it out this time. I think she knew she was being recorded and she wanted to show off.


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