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Dishman Hills: The perfect spot for Kipton’s amazing adventure

    It’s no secret I love Dishman Hills. Bella and I are there just about every other week.

    The entire Dishman Hills Conservancy Area covers about 500 acres and features some of our favorite hikes near me: the Dishman Hills Natural Area, just off Appleway in Spokane Valley; Iller Creek, which we did for the first time last spring; and one of our very special favorites, the Rocks of Sharon, which connects to Iller Creek at the Stevens Creek trailhead.

    It was with a great sense of glee that I convinced Lysbeth and Kipton to join me and Bella for a jaunt around the Dishman Hills Natural Area.

    heeler mix in the woods at Dishman Hills

    The mushy trails of Dishman Hills

    We haven’t really had much of a winter here in the Inland Northwest. We got a blast of snow in October, another on Christmas Day and then one more last week.

    (Oh don’t worry, I’m bracing for at least one more before the end of March.)

    We’ve had gorgeous spring-like weather to start the month off. Our Adventure Day session with Lysbeth and Kipton featured warm sun and a light breeze.

    And lots of mud.

    Lots and lots of mud.

    The trails were mushy and slippery in some spots but we trudged on, stopping at strategic spots for incredible images of Kipton’s adventure.

    adventure day session at Dishman Hills

    Can you even with these two?

    The color of spring

    I could never build as perfect a studio as Mother Nature gives me every day.

    I love to honor her work by keeping her colors as true as possible and that includes green. Man, do I love a beautiful backdrop of green forest with some brilliant blue skies.

    eagle peak at dishman hills natural area

    I’m made doubly fortunate by Lysbeth’s work as a model. That girl knows how to pose!

    All around the circle

    Green is the topic of conversation for this week’s blog circle but first, more images of Lysbeth and Kipton.

    And just one more.

    The sweetest thing.

    My superpower.

    The Magic Moment.

    sweet moment between a girl and her dog

    Whew. That’s love.

    Lysbeth even asked me on our hike if it was weird that Kipton is the most important being in her world, that he is who she wants to spend her time with.

    You won’t be shocked to hear my answer was “OH HELL NO.”


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    4 thoughts on “Dishman Hills: The perfect spot for Kipton’s amazing adventure”

    1. I literally just bought a pair of boots yesterday that were highly recommended by a woman who wears them to muck her horse stalls. I’m getting ready to spend some time in some muddy fields. This location is gorgeous. I can see why you love it!

      1. A few months ago, I bought a pair of duck boots to get ready for spring season. I thought, ‘oh, that’s so 1980s of me.” I don’t think I ever owned a pair when I was a kid, though. I’ll have to rock them for some behind-the-scenes footage. They would have come in handy at Dishman Hills this week.

    2. You make me want to be a hiker seeing all these lovely images. Our session last weekend was a complete mud fest. My trusty assistant almost went into the mud a few times. I always say if you fall. I’ll get the shot and then help. hee hee Great job lovely.

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