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Sled dogs: He was mad he didn’t get to run farther

    His nose stuck out of the hole, an aura of perturbance emanating from the little black button.

    “He’s mad,” someone said, as I trained my lens on the dog’s snout. “He wanted to run a lot farther than 6 miles.”


    But that’s all this guy and his team of sled dogs would get to go on this day in February. The weather had not cooperated for the 50th running of the Priest Lake Sled Dog Races.

    Rain and warmer temperatures turned the snow surface into slick ice, and that can be hazardous to dogs and their paws.

    Jed Stephensen of Nordic Wayfinding Kennels told me his dogs are used to 300-mile races, and they were off to one that next weekend.

    A gallery of Jed’s sled dogs

    Here’s a little gallery of Jed’s team starting and finishing their quick little 6-miler.


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