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A kickass play day with a golden retriever in Spokane Valley

    It’s been a few minutes since I got outside with my camera.

    It was at the Nikon hospital in California for much of November and December, waiting for a part, and then when the new year struck, I was so focused on Bella and her recovery from TPLO surgery that photo shoots with dogs didn’t seem a priority.

    See her at rehab last week?

    But man, did my shutter release finger get itchy last week!

    I convinced my good friend Vicki we both needed some time outside so we had a playday with her golden retriever in Spokane Valley.

    A stroll around Mirabeau Point Park

    Desi has been in front of my lens a few times. In fact, that’s her with Bella on the homepage. The two are great hiking buddies because they couldn’t give two shits about each other. They say hi, have a few minutes of play and then want to hit the trails.

    Bella couldn’t come this time, though. She’s only permitted two to three five-minute walks a day right now. 

    That isn’t quite enough for me. Even though I’m nursing a high ankle sprain. 

    Sidebar: I had one person say to me, “You know, you can go for a hike without Bella?” And I replied, “WHAT KIND OF A MONSTER ARE YOU?”

    We hit all my favorite spots and Desi, who is normally about as serious as brain surgery, had a giant smile on her face.

    Desi at Riverside State Park in Spokane
    Serious Desi on a summer day

    Both Vicki and I know how to make it work, though.

    Treats and a ball.

    We had her chase that ball.

    golden retriever in Spokane Valley chasing a ball
    Big smiles

    We had her sit and pose.

    golden retriever at Mirabeau Point Park
    Still having fun

    We got her nose closeup. (One of my favorite parts of a dog.)

    close up of a golden retriever's nose
    Give me the treat, lady!

    And we went to my favorite rocks.

    dog photo shoot at Mirabeau Point Park
    I don’t wanna go home

    She never stopped smiling, like most golden retrievers we know.

    All around the circle

    It’s only good news from here on out. Bella has her followup X-rays next month and if all goes well, we should be back on the trails by late April.

    Yes, we will be having a hiking party with friends.

    In the meantime, I’m plotting world domination planning the rest of the year that is going to feature some pretty fun fundraising announcements, a trip to Orlando next month for Global Pet Expo and lots of hikes.

    So. Many. Hikes.

    Now let’s see how my pet photographer friends had some play time in the blog circle.

    Start with Syracuse NY photographer Nancy of Nancy Kieffer Photography sharing some playtime fun.

    Click the link at the bottom of Nancy’s post to continue through the circle. When you get back here to Desi’s play day in Spokane Valley, that’s when you know you’re home. 

    Right where you belong. 

    And if you’re ready to have your adventure session, book a free consultation with me to get started.


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