If your dog is:

your best friend

your co-pilot

your furbaby

your family

then you're in the right place.

Big White Dog Photography specializes in the adventures you take with your dog. On drives, walks and hikes, that’s where we find the sweetest wag of a tail, the boopiest snoots and the most incredible, unconditional love.

When you’re with me, I watch for The Magic Moment. It’s in that moment, that one very quick click of my shutter, I see that bond.

That connection inspires me every time I pick up my camera to document your adventures together in the Inland Northwest.

Ryland and Wrangler

See that big galoot?

That's Shep.

My bestie Dana in Calgary called him “that idiot hairbag” because he wouldn’t leave her cats alone.

I called him my soulmate and my co-pilot in life. He was there for me on days when no human was. He made me feel less alone.

He took me from the big city into the Rocky Mountains where we hiked the Foothills and Banff National Park. He put the camera back in my hands after I’d tossed it several years prior.

How can you be in the most beautiful place in the world with the most beautiful dog in the world and not want to take pictures?

He left my world on Aug. 20, 2014, the worst day of my life. My body still shakes with sobs sometimes when I have days where I miss him.

I have pictures. Hundreds, thousands of images that memorialize our adventures.

And he lives forever in my heart.

Shep Big Hill Springs
Bella at Hauser

See that bitch?

That's Bella.

She came into my life nine days after Shep left. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up and yet I was riddled with guilt about replacing my boy so quickly.

She has never replaced him. She instead has helped me heal from losing him.

We are best friends, glued together as we hike and explore throughout the Inland Northwest. In our free time, we’re location hunting around Spokane and Coeur d’Alene to find epic backgrounds for portrait sessions.

She is fierce, defiant, stubborn and independent – and every one of these traits makes me love her more.

I grin from ear to ear when she’s giving my husband the what-for because it’s time for dinner.

She fills my heart with joy.

And then there's this jerk ...

spokane dog photographer with her Maremma sheepdog

Hi, I'm Angela Schneider.

My mother wanted a pretty little girl she could put in dresses and patent shoes. She got me. 

With three brothers, I’m not sure how my destiny could have been anything except “tomboy.” I’m messy. I’m rough around the edges. I swear a lot … like a lot. It’s probably from growing up in newsrooms and around hockey players in my former life as a sportswriter. 

I’m happiest when I take Bella and my camera and hit the hiking trails around Spokane and North Idaho.

I’m a recovering journalist who survived dipping her toes into a marketing career. As a journalist in Canada, I told amazing stories of athletes, coaches, wins and losses. It wasn’t a job, it was a calling.

I didn’t think I could have two dream jobs in one lifetime.

Then I found dog photography, something that stirs my soul every day here in Spokane, Washington, and the Inland Northwest.

Now I tell a different kind of story: the love you’ve found with your dog. 

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