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Make a Statement

This is not some fancy background bought on the internet with one of my images Photoshopped in ...​

wall art from Bella's trip to Banff National Park

Nope, it's my living room.

When friends and family visit the Schneider house, they’re greeted by a 40×30 aluminum metal print of Bella perched on a rock at Banff National Park.

Inevitably, the questions begin.

“Whoa. Where did you …? When was …?”

And I get to tell the story of that vacation, that day, that hike, that so very special moment when Bella jumped on the rock and posed for me.

It’s a statement piece.

And that, my friends, is what I want to create for you — the kind of art that stops your friends in their tracks and launches you into a story of your adventure and the amazing journey you share with your dog.

Images from your Memories or Adventure Day session become incredible wall décor with your choice of classic gallery wraps, printed on museum-quality canvas, or sleek, contemporary metal in glossy or matte finish.

These statement pieces start at $600.



Storybooks are custom-designed photo albums featuring the images from your gallery. 

We’ll tell the story of your adventure in pages bound by a gorgeous hard cover displaying your favorite photo.

Pull your Storybook out to show friends or grab a glass of wine for a quiet moment to walk down memory lane.


Y’all … I love this piece so much. When my sample arrived, my husband tore it from my hands and found a place for it in his home office. 

The Storyblock places 10 or 20 mounted prints on a beautiful, dark-stained block of wood. 

Switch out the front 8×10 whenever you please for a little variety … the spice of life! It’s the perfect way to show off your adventure on a shelf or desk. 

Anthologies start at $880.


Smaller prints, like this curved metal, make great gifts or sit perfectly on your desk at the office. I promise you’ll make your co-workers smile.

Ready to get started on the story of your adventure dog with a photography session beyond compare?

bold, timeless memories of dogs on epic adventures in the Inland Northwest