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Spokane weather kills the mood

    Current mood: Pissed. Off.

    Bella the Maremma sheepdog waiting for a walk
    Waiting for her walk

    Especially at Spokane weather.

    We have high hopes for being outside in January. In fact, I’ve set a teeny tiny little goal that you can follow if we’re Facebook friends (ummmm … WHY AREN”T WE?!?!).

    It’s called 50×50. This year, on August 18, I turn 50. I hit my mid-century age. And by that date, I’m going to have completed 50 hikes.

    That’s right. Some people set a goal of 52 hikes in a year.

    My goal means I hit 50 hikes in 32 weeks, five days.

    Now I just need Spokane weather to cooperate.

    A good start despite the Spokane weather

    We got Hike #1 out of the way on Saturday. It rained down upon us as we slogged our way through the Nimbus Knob trail at Dishman Hills Conservancy.

    Hike #2 came Sunday when we managed to convince Our American to join us for 4.5 miles on the Shoreline Trail at Farragut State Park.

    It was a brilliant, sunny day and I see so many opportunities to get great images along the trail.

    Spokane dog at Farragut State Park
    Not in the mood to look at the camera

    And that always put me in a good mood.

    On Tuesday, we got our American out for another walk … twice in one week! We kept it low and slow and did just a quick jaunt around the fields at Islands Trailhead near Plantes Ferry in Spokane Valley.

    It was a great time to test out a new 35mm f/1.8 for my full-frame Nikon D750.

    Everyone was in a good mood. Even Bella, who is always extra good at RBF, or resting bitch face. I was going for moody, which is the topic of this week’s pet photographers blog circle, and her RBF would have been great against the dark, moisty woodsy area.

    Instead she gave me this:

    Happy Maremma sheepdog in woods at Spokane Valley

    But then, she spied something behind us and she immediately went into guardian mode:

    maremma sheepdog on a walk in Spokane Valley during a break in Spokane weather

    Either that or it was the time in the walk where she’d had enough of posing.

    That’s always a sure bet to make her moody.

    It was also the time in the walk when Our American was getting tired of walking … and therefore moodyI

    That’s OK. I got what we came for, along with a good reminder of why I love this particular location so much.

    Speaking of weather …

    It’s time to start booking spring sessions!

    These next few months are going to whip right by, I promise. Before we know it. we’re going to be awash in gorgeous golds and brilliant blues among all the wildflowers we’re lucky enough to enjoy in the Inland Northwest.

    A Memories session at Plantes Ferry is a fantastic way to get gorgeous portraits of you and your dog doing dog things together. Stay tuned in the future for more images from that area, since it’s one of our favorite places that’s close to home.

    Let’s get your session on the calendar.

    All around the circle

    Spokane weather has turned to crap for us for the rest of the week, with nothing but rain. It’s tough to get out for hikes so Bella and I are switching gears to planning hikes and world domination.

    In the meantime, let’s hit the road to visit my moody friends in the pet photographers blog circle.

    Let’s head to Sin City, the Entertainment Capital of the World! Start with Pawtraits by Nicole, serving the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

    At the end of Nicole’s post, click the link to the next post and see where we take you.

    When you find yourself back here to rainy Spokane weather, you know you’re home.

    Right where you belong.


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    1. Good for you on the hikes! Don’t mean to be a downer, but 50 is hard! lol I’m 51 now and I think I’ve finally adjusted, but the first few months I seriously wasted an hour a day looking for things that I lost.

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