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Sad face: No snow for a Spokane Valley winter

    hiking in Post Falls Community Forest

    We were promised an El Nina this winter.

    We were promised colder, stormier, snowier for a Spokane Valley winter.

    So far … nothing.

    A couple of odd blasts here and there, including a freaky October and enough on Christmas Day to make this Canadian happy.

    Otherwise, our winter wonderland is pocked with green and brown.

    Which makes it really difficult to tackle this week’s topic: white.

    Yeah, OK, we’re Big White Dog and Bella is a big white dog, so that’s never going to be that hard but I really wanted some fresh snow to fall.

    And yeah, OK, I could have gone up to Mt. Spokane where there is a lot of snow. I mean, I promised Bella and myself some solid snowshoeing this year but I still haven’t gotten my Sno-Park pass.

    So I’m gonna fake til I make it.

    Making it look like a Spokane Valley winter

    Enter the beauty of Photoshop.

    I dug out an action I bought from Bellevue some years ago. It helps me make the above photo look like a Spokane Valley winter.

    photoshop makes up a Spokane Valley winter
    A Photoshop winter

    And oh shit. This isn’t even Spokane Valley. Whoops.

    Bella and I went for a quick 4-mile hike Tuesday at the Post Falls Community Forest in Idaho. I’m not even in the right state for this post.

    I hope you’re all laughing your arses off at me now.

    A hike in Post Falls Community Forest

    The Post Falls Community Forest is such a great place to go for a walk in the woods.

    It’s not a far drive from the house and, after hitting Saltese Uplands for 4 miles Monday sans camera, I didn’t want to go to far.

    Post Falls Community Forest features a 500 acre multi-use natural area, where you can hike, stroll, mountain bike and rock scramble. Its trails connect to Q’emiln Park, where dogs are not allowed on the beach.

    Alas, Bella had other ideas, dragging me down this trail and that, and we ended up doing another 4 miles.

    Thus far, we’ve covered 16 miles for four hikes to stay on track for 50×50.

    Of course, with Post Falls so close by, they’re having the same amount of snow as our Spokane Valley winter.

    i.e. NONE.

    All around the circle

    OK, so no Spokane Valley winter. At least we didn’t go to Plantes Ferry again!

    I have to be out and about for a bit today, and I’ll be close to a place where I can get a Sno-Park pass. That way we’ll be able to snowshoe to our hearts’ content.

    And it does look like there’s lots of snow in the forecast next week. Keep your fingers crossed for us!.

    In the meantime, let’s see how if other pet photographers in the blog circle found some snow this week.

    Let’s head south to the state where everything is bigger: Texas. Start with Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography, fetching pet and family portraits in Coppell, Carrollton and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

    At the end of Tracy’s post, click the link to the next post and see where we take you.

    When you find yourself back here to a fake Spokane Valley winter, you know you’re home.

    Right where you belong.

    When you get here and you find yourself ready to start talking about a spring session, reach out

    There are lots of great spots along the trail at Post Falls Community Forest for a Memories session. I mean, I didn’t even get to show you the rocky beach along the Spokane River.

    Just hit this button, which takes you to my handy-dandy contact page, where you can get all my contact information or fill out an easy-peasy message form.


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    1. You would have had me fooled had I not seen the previous image. I have a saying…the sun is always shining in Photoshop – guess I now need to add “and I can make it snow too!” LOL

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