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Calling all pets of the Inland NW

Be part of a project that puts your face in the pages of a collector’s edition photobook dedicated to you and your dog’s adventures in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Picture your beautiful face immortalized in these pages

You have a story — how you found your home, how you chose your human, the adventures you like to take together. 

Now’s your chance to tell that story and share it with other best fur friends throughout Spokane and North Idaho.

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a fundraising project for the Spokane Humane Society

We’re celebrating the stories of dogs with photo sessions at epic locations throughout Spokane and North Idaho, compiling them all into a gorgeous collector’s edition coffee table book and – here’s the kicker – raising for much-needed funds to help animals in need in our region.

We’ve set a goal to raise $10,000 for the Spokane Humane Society, a nonprofit that provides care, shelter and placement into loving homes for neglected and unwanted animals in the great Spokane area.

The details

Inspired by the amazing scenery throughout the Inland Northwest, dog photographer Angela Schneider pinpoints all the best locations around the region.

An award-winning photographer and writer, Angela is seeking dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds – from mutt to purebred – who live in the Inland Northwest and make every day better for their humans.

Paws of the Inland Northwest is the second edition of a series launched in 2021 by Angela, starting with the Paws of the Panhandle, a project that raised $5,000 for the Better Together Animal Alliance.

Now it’s your turn to have your dog immortalized in a book full of stunning full-color imagery.

Claim your spot!

Register NOW for your spot in this unique project that raises funds for the Spokane Humane Society.

Six days of 30-minute sessions are available to choose from. Each one is $100 (plus WA sales tax, 8.9%) with $50 donated to the Spokane Humane Society.

Saturday, March 19: Hauser Lake Park, Idaho
Saturday, April 16 Mirabeau Point Park, Spokane Valley
Saturday, May 14: Post Falls Park, Post Falls, Idaho
Saturday, June 18: River Front Park, Spokane
Saturday, July 16: Manito Park, Spokane
Saturday, September 17: Camp Caro, Dishman Hills, Spokane Valley

Please read the terms and conditions below before booking your session.

By booking a session for Paws of the Inland Northwest, you are agreeing to the following terms:

This Photography Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of the registration date, by and between Angela Schneider, a pet photographer with a primary contact of and (509) 720-8784 (“Photographer”), and with the pet owner named in the booking form (“Client”), each a “Party” and collectively the “Parties.”

For good and valuable consideration, which the Parties hereby acknowledge, the Parties agree as follows for a photographic session to occur on the date scheduled.


The Terms “Photographer”, “photography team”, “us”, “we”, and “our” refer to Angela Schneider, Big White Dog Photography and all agents, employees, or other representatives.

The term “including” means “including, but not limited to.”

The term “session”, “event”, and “photography session” refers to a hired photographic session for the purposes of taking custom photographs for the Paws of the Inland Northwest book (hereafter “the Book”).


Registration retainer. The Client shall make a non-refundable retainer equal to $100.00 to the Photographer to perform the services specified herein. Upon payment, Photographer will reserve the time and date agreed upon by both parties and guarantee the pet a spread in the Book. The Client agrees that this retainer is earned by the Photographer when paid, and is remitted in consideration of the experience, reputation, and skill of the photographer and is in consideration of the inability of the Photographer to schedule other clients during this reserved time.

Cancellation. If Client requests to cancel this agreement or fails to show for the arranged photographic event time all monies, including the non-refundable retainer, shall be forfeited to the Photographer.

Rescheduling. In the event that the Client requests to reschedule a session, the retainer shall be applied to a rescheduled session if notice is given at least 5 days prior to the scheduled event.

Preparation. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the pet is clean and groomed. Extra fees may apply if the portraits require advanced retouching because the pet is not well-groomed. The Client shall relay any allergies or dietary restrictions to the Photographer at least 7 days prior to the session.

Subjects. The Client shall maintain control of all subjects, including human beings. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure the cooperation of additional subjects as to not intrude on the pet’s immediate area. The Client shall cooperate and follow the directions of the Photographer during the course of the session. Failure to cooperate will result in termination of the session and forfeiture of retainer.

Release of Liability and Publication. While Photographer will endeavor to ensure a safe and professional Photographic session, some circumstances are outside the control of the Photographer. Client agrees that the Photographer shall be held harmless for any and all injury to client or pet during the course of the photography session and the immediately surrounding events. Further, Client grants to Photographer the absolute and unconditional worldwide right without right to further payment to use, transmit, display, sell, license, and publish photographs of the Client’s pet. Circumstances. If the Photographer is unable to perform the session due to pet’s disposition, condition, or circumstances listed within this contract, the Client shall be allowed to reschedule at Photographer’s discretion. The Photographer shall attempt to resolve any circumstances not to exceed 15 minutes in length. Rescheduling shall occur within a reasonable time prior to October 2022.

Accidental Waste. The Client shall make every effort to clean up after the animal for any accidental waste that occurs prior to, during and after the session. Client is responsible for bringing appropriate clean-up materials to the session.

Completion Schedule. Sessions for the Book will take place between February 2022 and October 2022, with an expected release date of November 2022. Prints generally take about 4-6 weeks from time of print order to be processed and delivered to Client. Albums can take several weeks to months to design and produce. Client should place order with enough time to allow for normal delays. Photographer shall not be held responsible for delivery delays.

Artistic Rights. The Photographer retains the right of discretion in selecting the photographs to be published in the book, as well as any photographic materials released to the client. If the Client wishes, the Photographer shall provide a gallery of additional images for the Client to choose from during an in-person or online ordering appointment, and the gallery shall include up to 10 images.

Photographic Materials. No digital files or printed products are included with the session fee. All photographic materials, including but not limited to digital files, proofs, and previews, shall be the exclusive property of the Photographer.

Copyright and Reproductions. The Photographer shall retain ownership of the copyright in all images created. It is understood that any duplication or alteration of original images is strictly prohibited {Copyright Law Title 17, Appendix V. Additional Provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2005, Section 102} without the written permission of the Photographer.

Client’s Use. The Client shall only use the prints, including digital files, in accordance with the permissions within this agreement. The Client’s prints are for personal use only and shall not be used in any other manner, including but not limited to, submitting to contests, reproducing for commercial use or authorize any reproductions by parties other than the Photographer. If the Photographer provides a digital file print release, the Client must act in accordance with the release. Client shall not amend the files in any way. Amendments include but are not limited to cropping, reediting, and applying filters.

Social Media. The Client may share blog post links and Facebook posts and albums through the use of the share functions and dissemination of direct links. Client shall not copy, download, screenshot, or capture the photographs in any other fashion.

Failure to Perform. If the Photographer is unable to perform this agreement due to illness, emergency, fire, casualty, strike, act of God or causes beyond the control of the Photographer, the Photographer and Client shall make every attempt to reschedule the session. If a reschedule is unable to be agreed upon, Photographer shall return the retainer to the client and shall have no further liability. Further, if the Photographer is unable to deliver photographic materials due to technological malfunctions, including but not limited to camera and processing, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault of the Photographer, liability shall be limited to returning any retainer paid.

Indemnification. The Photographer shall be held harmless for any and all injury to Client, Client’s pet and Client’s property during the course of the photography session and the immediately surrounding events. Miscellany. This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the parties. Any modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. The laws of the State of Washington shall govern this Agreement.

Attorney’s Fees. If either party to this Contract brings a legal action against the other party to this Contract to secure the specific performance of this Contract, collect damages for breach of this Contract, or otherwise enforce or interpret this Contract, the prevailing party shall recover reasonable attorney’s fees and all costs, premiums for bonds, fees, and other expenses expended or incurred in the action in addition to any other relief that may be awarded.

Construction. Any rule of construction to the effect that ambiguities are to be resolved against the drafting party shall not apply in interpreting this Agreement. The language in this Agreement shall be interpreted as to its fair meaning and not strictly for or against any party.

How to book

Scroll through the calendar to select the date and location you want, then select your time. Once you confirm, you may submit payment via credit card. You will then be taken to a form to fill me in on some of the nitty gritty about you and your pet.


Turn your gallery into stunning art pieces

We work together throughout the Big White Dog experience to create images that bring the adventure home and turn into gorgeous Statement pieces and Anthologies. 

They’ll be the icebreaker for conversation when friends and family visit. One look and they’ll be full of questions about your adventure and you can regale them with your stories.

My clients typically spent between $1500 and $2000.

living room statement piece of a border collie
jolenes living room


Say it out loud: “I love my dog.” Brilliant metal or classic canvas prints hang on the wall to bring your adventure home. Statement pieces start at $600.

jamie and her beagle reading a photo album


Anthologies are a complete story of your session, encased in a beautiful photo album or a set of 10 or 20 mounted prints. Anthologies start at $1080.

Frequently Asked Questions

A likely event during an Inland Northwest spring! Don’t worry. We will make sure the session gets rescheduled.
I love your excitement! Don’t worry. Once we nail down your day and time, I will send you a personalized session guide to help you get ready for the big day.

These sessions are limited to 30 minutes and it can be difficult to make sure each pet gets the right amount of attention for their spread. If you would like to include more than one pet please book two consecutive sessions.

You don’t. (Did you just let out a big “whew”?) One of my superpowers is seeing the amazing connection you have with your dog and honoring that with an ever-so strategic click of my shutter release button. I call it The Magic Moment.

However, if you don’t want to be in the images, you don’t have to be. I do have a series of cool poses to have you be in the photo but not be in the photo if you’re camera shy. But you don’t have to do those either if you don’t want to.

I would love to give all the money to the Spokane Humane Society and the work they do. I do have to keep enough to cover some of the costs involved in offering these sessions. And that includes treats for your fur baby!

Your registration fee covers your feature in the Paws of the Inland Northwest coffee table book. No prints or digital files are included. You may, however, purchase copies of your images in wall art or desk prints.

A copy of the book is not included in your registration fee. This project is a fundraiser for Spokane Humane Society and we’re trying to keep session fees as low as possible.

The book will be available for purchase at about $90, depending on production costs.

Oh yeah! We are going to have a super fun voting contest after all the sessions are done so you can encourage your friends and family to vote for your pet to be the cover model of Paws of the Inland Northwest.

We are aiming for a November release in time for the Spokane Humane Society’s annual gala fundraiser, Furr Ball. It means I’m going to be working my fingers to the bone for the next several months but I’m happy to do it. I love being busy! My husband thinks I’m nuts.

We will announce a pre-sale in September when the sessions are complete.