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1 perfect face: An Idaho rescue dog in need of a home

    Our brains are predisposed to find pleasure in symmetry.

    There are whole psychological studies dedicated to it. It’s tough to find in nature, even harder in faces. But I think I got it: in an Idaho rescue dog who’s looking for a home.

    Look at this mug.

    north idaho rescue dog

    Maybe she isn’t perfectly symmetrical but if you haven’t fallen in love, there’s something wrong with you.

    Symmetry is the topic for this week’s pet photography blog circle and I get to feature an Idaho rescue dog … or maybe two.

    About Twyla

    Sweet little Twyla, an Idaho rescue dog in need of a home, is currently living and thriving at Heath’s Haven Rescue & Sanctuary in Athol.

    She arrived at the Haven on January 4 after being surrendered to River City Animal Hospital. This wee girl, a mere 10 weeks old, is a white Labrador born with megaesophagus.

    Megaesophagus, common in Labrador retrievers and a few other breeds, is a disorder where this sweet girl doesn’t swallow properly.

    That’s my layman’s interpretation of it anyway. It’s way more complex than that.

    Twyla is under terrific care with the most amazing people at the Haven — Jolene, Tiana and Shawn. They had me out to the sanctuary last weekend to get some shots of Twyla so they can promote her adoption.

    Here’s some more of this sweet little baby:

    How do you like that green tutu?

    What a darling.

    Meet another Idaho rescue dog

    Remington is another Idaho rescue dog currently hanging out at the Haven.

    But for those different colored eyes, he might qualify for the symmetry category.

    Remington the Idaho rescue dog

    Remington is hanging out at the Haven but can be adopted through K9 Connections, a new rescue in Post Falls that aims to find pets homes through the power of social media.

    Remington is a 3-year-old husky who had a spinal stroke four months ago and is now paralyzed in the hind end. K9 Connections tried acupuncture, laser therapy and hydrotherapy but nothing worked.

    So, he scoots around the sanctuary in his wheelchair. He has so many energy that he would make a terrific adventure partner … he just comes with a little extra gear.

    He does need help peeing. He’s incontinent but he doesn’t piddle in between the times you express his bladder. No doubt, the rescue folks will teach you how!

    Here’s a couple more pics of this gorgeous Idaho rescue dog.

    If you are interested in either Idaho rescue dog — Twyla or Remi — reach out to the rescue organizations on their very responsive Instagram accounts:

    Heath’s Haven

    K9 Connections

    A Bella update

    We just got the hair back on her belly after last summer’s ultrasound.

    Unfortunately, another blood draw showed the ALT enzyme levels in her liver have increased again. We made the decision to get a biopsy done so off came the hair again last week.

    Luckily, she knows how to pose in such a way that you’ll never see that bare belly. Maybe she’s just too proud!

    Bella joined us at the Haven last weekend. She made fast friends will all the residents, including her new boyfriend Remington.

    Here she is keeping an eye on him while Tiana was holding Remi in place for me:

    It will be another two weeks before we hear the results on the biopsy. The good folks at Inland Empire Veterinary Imaging have sent her sample off to Colorado State University, the leading lab in the country.

    All around the circle

    I took last week off from the blog circle to process everything that’s going on with Bella. Visiting the Haven reminded me the joy I get from being around dogs and the humans who love them.

    I hope you enjoyed meeting each Idaho rescue dog, Twyla and Remington, but now let’s send you out on the blog circle.

    Let’s head to the Sunshine State where we find Linda Perdue of VPShoots Photography serving the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

    At the end of Linda’s post, click the link to the next post and see where we take you.

    When you find yourself back here to a perfectly gorgeous North Idaho rescue dog, you know you’re home.

    Right where you belong.

    When you get here and you find yourself ready to start talking about a spring session, reach out.

    Just hit this button, which takes you to my handy-dandy contact page, where you can get all my contact information or fill out an easy-peasy message form.


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    1. I need Twyla in my life…that FACE! Oh em geeeeee! So adorable and I’m glad she’s getting the medical care she needs. Thank goodness for rescue! We’re keeping up the good thoughts for Bella down here in Texas…give her a hug for us.

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