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3 dog photo sessions with incredible North Idaho scenery

    Oooh, the colors of spring are coming out!

    The hiking trails of tare dotted with glacier lilies, buttercups and widow’s grass. Soon enough, we’ll have fields of arrowhead balsamroot and blue flax enhancing the Spokane and North Idaho scenery.

    I’m grinning just thinking about it.

    It’s the perfect timing for Paws of the Panhandle sessions. This is a first-of-its-kind photobook for the Inland Northwest, dedicated to dogs and the humans who love them, enjoying epic North Idaho scenery.

    And it’s a fundraiser for the Better Together Animal Alliance.

    I’m still taking registration!


    We are three sessions in and, folks, we have some gorgeous color going on. Color is the theme for this week’s topic in our worldwide pet photographers blog circle.

    Check out these sneak peeks from incredible locations.

    1. Higgens Point, Coeur d’Alene

    Just past the boat launch at Higgens Point, East Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive comes to an end. There’s a great little picnic spot at the end of the paved pathway — Centennial Trail — but Lindsey, Griffey and I kept going past that, down the hill to the rocky beach below.

    handsome dog against backdrop of beautiful North Idaho scenery

    Is Griffey not a handsome devil? Lindsey thinks he might be part Karelian bear dog.

    We had a brilliant blue sky to give us the perfect backdrop for Griffey’s Paws of the Panhandle session.

    This is also now one of my favorite rocks for #dogsonrocks.

    Back up the trail, I found another rock and damn near died when Griffey gave me the exact dog photo I wanted.

    That smile. Augh!

    2. Evans Landing

    Up at 4 a.m. — the ass-crack of dawn — my friend Cat and I met at the trailhead to Evans Landing, an excellent short hike near Careywood, Idaho. We made it to the trailhead shortly after 5 and made our way down the hill.

    There we were greeted by Mother Nature’s glorious sunrise over the shores of Lake Pend Oreille.

    woman and dog enjoy sunrise at Evans Landing in North Idaho

    Now how’s that for color and North Idaho scenery?

    And a Magic Moment.

    Cat and her heeler mix Newt are true adventures. They’ve tackled damn near every trail you could imagine.

    They’re fearless and fierce.

    I love them both to death. You may even remember them from our amazing trip to Banff National Park two years ago.

    Cat was even surprised I needed to ask, “Is it OK if Bella joins us?” She said, “I just assumed she would be there. I miss her!”

    And here she was, showing off her posing abilities.

    3. Post Falls Community Forest

    I’ve wanted to do a session here for quite a while.

    Bella and I go here almost as often as we’re at Dishman Hills in Spokane Valley. We did do some images of my wheelchair buddies Jake and Otis at this spot for our March Hiking With Dogs feature in The Spokesman-Review.

    But finally! A session! And a sunset session at that.

    The setting sun set the beach behind Lizzie on fire.

    And of course, I did one of her with off-camera flash, facing that gorgeous North Idaho scenery.

    She was pretty focused on her mom Katie but I still think it’s a cute dog photo.

    All around the circle

    Yes, yes, yes, there’s still time to sign up for Paws of the Panhandle.

    Get your session now and don’t miss out on the chance to be in this book full of dogs, dog lovers and epic North Idaho scenery.


    Now let’s launch into the blog circle where my dog photographer friends are showing us color. Start with Pawtraits by Nicole, photographing pets for their people in and around Las Vegas, Nevada.

    At the end of her post, click the next link in the circle to take a journey around the world of pet and dog photography. When you find yourself back here to brilliant North Idaho scenery, you know you’re home.

    Right where you belong.


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